Sermon Notes

Pro-Life BIBLE Verses

Reaching the Abortion-Minded

for Life & for Christ

The enclosed Bible verses and Bible stories are for pro-life Christians, including:

  • pastors & priests

  • women's ministry leaders

  • men's ministry leaders

  • couples ministry leaders

  • college and singles ministry leaders

  • middle and high school ministry leaders

  • concerned Christians

When in Rome... or Athens...

When in Athens (Acts 17:16-34), the Apostle Paul spoke differently than he did in other regions on his missionary journeys, and he wrote differently to each church. Jesus spoke differently to those He healed and fed, than to His disciples, than to the Pharisees.

Likewise, we Christians should consider our audiences as we teach all Jesus commanded (Matt 28:20).

As a post-abortive woman who left the church, volunteered for the famous pro-abortion fundraising organization, and counter-protested Christians at an abortion facility, I understand those who shout their abortions and who don't believe Jesus loves them—because I used to be one of them.


God got my attention through a pro-life man who responded to my admission of abortion with agape, not judgment—and that started my journey to serving God in humility and worshiping Him in all circumstances.

I pray that the enclosed perspectives help you reach those who are abortion-minded and/or have an abortion story. I first published the contents of this website as a series of blog posts in the fall of 2017. Portions of this website are in my prayer guide, Worship to End Abortion, which I am revising for this post-Roe world.

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