The Woman at the Well

We cannot talk about abortion without talking about sex, and
we cannot talk about sex without talking about abortion

~Cheryl Krichbaum

John 4:1-45

In the story commonly known as "The Woman at the Well," Jesus showed the woman respect while reasoning with her that His water was more satisfying than all her relationships.

Reaching Abortion-Minded Women

The story of the woman at the well is a great opportunity for non-churched women to believe Jesus loves them. Jesus met the woman where she was. He surprised her, a non-Jew, with respect. We can meet women and men where they are and surprise non-Christians with respect.

The woman at the well knew that being with six men was not socially acceptable, was against Jewish and Samaritan beliefs, and was not satisfying. The woman wanted satisfaction from her relationships, but when she didn’t feel satisfied by her old relationship, she went looking for a new one. She was looking for satisfaction in human relationships (well water) rather than satisfaction in her relationship with God (living water). She kept repeating her self-destructive pattern.

Then she met Jesus, who offered her satisfying “water”—living water, which only He can give.

I—and many other women and men—sought agape love and settled for eros love. I didn't know what I didn't know.

I didn't know just how satisfying God's agape love really is.

I sought agape love and settled for eros love.



The Samaritan woman was so enamored with Jesus' living water, with His kindness, and with the knowledge that He is the Christ that she ran back to town and told everyone about Him. She was an evangelist. Many non-Jews came to faith in Jesus because of her.

I chose a personal relationship with Jesus because my boyfriend (now husband)

treated me with kindness despite my abortion.

~as told in my award-winning memoir ReTested